the last supper by brigitte niedermair
last supper


Why my Last Supper on the web? Why an issue of 2000 pices (signed and numbered)? It all started when I received many emails asking me for a print of this image. One day, I was walking around Rome. Just in front of Trevi Fountain, I was suddenly struck by an inspiration while looking at a surreal marble reproduction of The Last Supper in sculptural form.

Leonardo da Vinci’s fresco had been turned into marble and we could finally see Jesus’s back and three-dimensional profiles of Judas, John and all the other Apostles – viewpoints that even Leonardo had never imagined. The mise en scène of an icon was accomplished through this superb distortion. Obviously, there were also prints of The Last Supper in the stalls: a souvenir to put on the wall above the sofa, perhaps next to a Venetian gondola or a tiny Colosseum.

My Last Supper is already a displacement of symbols, a transformation of meaning. Why then imprison her? Why not release her to a cultured collecting world, without the constraints of high prices? What I wanted to do is release a symbolic image that goes beyond my own imagination: an image that I created with the intention of communicating life and the spiritual world from a female point of view.

For me, Last Supper is a symbol of freedom for all women. It is a symbol of redemption that I want to be consumed within the boundaries of art. I want it to follow the rules of art and art collection, but to be diffused in such a way that everyone can enjoy the message of an image that, over time, has achieved the universal value of an icon. Only in this way can the true destiny of the icon be fulfilled.

Brigitte Niedermair


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